To solve a problem, you must figure out why you have the problem in the first place. If you have a woodchuck in your yard, also called a groundhog, it’s likely because they have found a food supply. Woodchucks are like most wildlife. They are searching for food, water, and shelter.

Woodchucks hibernate during the winter. During the spring, summer, and fall, you will find them to be very active during the day. They don’t stay out all day, however. Early mornings and evenings are when they do most of their hunting for food.

Signs of Woodchucks

Woodchucks dig tunnels underground and use them to travel to various food sources. They will dig tunnels in fields, under homes, driveways, roads, sheds, barns, and many other places that make your property unsafe.

Burrows and their effects are pretty noticeable. For example, you may find cracks in your driveway, or the foundation of a building may shift. Other signs include ruined garden crops and flowers since they usually only take one bite out of something before moving on. Groundhogs are good at hiding the entrance holes to burrows. Some find them only after stepping in one, which can cause injury.

Homeowners rarely see woodchuck scat because they typically build extraordinary chambers underground where they will go to the bathroom.

To be certain, hire a wildlife control expert to inspect your property. While you won’t usually find a groundhog in your home, a wildlife professional can assess the outside of your home for activity and damages.

Control Methods

Avoid trying to get rid of them during their hibernation period because they will likely have their young.

It is recommended to hire a wildlife control operator to get rid of the woodchuck for many reasons:

  • Trapping laws vary by state, and experts understand what is allowed and prohibited.
  • Relocation is not always allowed to prevent the spread of disease.
  • You must use the correct traps and bait.
  • Animals can be aggressive when they feel threatened and put you at risk for harm or diseases.
  • Using the wrong removal methods makes it easy for groundhogs to return to their dens.

For control, wildlife experts will block off or seal areas under decks or porches where woodchucks like to go. They also know how to seal burrows so they cannot reenter. Exclusion is the best way to prevent groundhogs from damaging your property.

Exclusion Methods

Many wildlife experts install fencing around garden crops, and they know the fence must go underground far enough underground that the groundhog cannot dig underneath it. You may also choose electric fencing to deter nuisance wildlife.

The most important steps include habitat modification and eliminating food and water resources. Groundhogs like to travel in high grass. Therefore, keeping your lawn and fields well-manicured makes them less attractive to groundhogs. The pros at Critter Control can show you how to properly close burrows while a groundhog is out roaming around, preventing it from using that tunnel.


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