The population of raccoons throughout the United States is on the rise, which indicates more raccoons will be looking for shelter in homes or businesses. Naturally, raccoons den in existing shelters like hollow trees, ground burrows, and muskrat houses, but with habitat loss, spaces like attics, crawlspaces, and chimneys are becoming more prevalent. These clever creatures are excellent climbers and intelligent problem solvers, making raccoon removal a daunting task for a property owner.

How Critter Control Gets Rid of Raccoons

Critter Control specializes in raccoon removal and control. In order to remove and control a raccoon or family of raccoons on your property, our wildlife specialist will perform a thorough inspection to ascertain the severity of the raccoon infestation. After the inspection, they will build a custom solution to trap, remove, and seal all entry points. They will also provide warranty options as well as an estimate for preventative services.

Raccoon Inspection

The Wildlife Service Technician will look for signs such as footprints on, in, or around your home, large openings leading to the attic or crawl space, and racccoon poop.

Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon trapping is the most effective and humane way to remove a raccoon. Direct capture is not commonly used because raccoons are a rabies vector species. If legal, a healthy trapped raccoon will be relocated with written permission. When babies are removed from an attic, our wildlife specialists seek help from a local wildlife rehabilitation center.

Exclusion for Immediate Raccoon Control

Exclusion services are the most effective and immediate means for raccoon control. After raccoon removal, it is imperative to seal all entry points to prevent future entry. Critter Control identifies all potential and current raccoon entry points. We use materials to repair the gaps that can withstand a raccoon. 

Ensuring you don’t create a home for raccoons outside your property will also help prevent attracting raccoons. However, habitat modification will become very important for prevention after dealing with a raccoon invasion. Frightening devices only temporarily work, and there are no toxicants regulated for raccoons. 

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Raccoon Removal Near You. Raccoons in the attic, garage, or strange noises in your chimney? Raccoons living under your home? Those scurrying sounds in the attic, crawlspace and noises in a chimney may well be a raccoon.   Raccoon Removal near Me 

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Best Raccoon Removal

Chancey K.
Prompt and flexible helping me trap the raccoons that had eaten a hole through my roof. Also reasonably priced compared to other trappers I've worked with.
Valerie B
Having used Critter Control for a rat problem some years ago, I didn’t hesitate to call them for a recent problem with annoying raccoons in my pool. In my opinion Critter Control trappers are the best. They are professional, efficient, reliable and most important, successful .
Carla P
I had an issue with a probable raccoon in my chimney. Although there wasn't one at the time they came out, Criiter Control did place a cover that wouldn't allow anymore visits from my nighttime visitor. They were very fair in their pricing and I would definitely use them again if needed.
Lisa F.
I would highly recommend This company. I had a very problematic raccoon who dug up into my house and got loose in my house.

Ashley came out to give the details and estimates for handling this issue. She was wonderful, knowledgeable, personable with the best customer service! She was wonderful! Tyler, the person who did all the physical work to alleviate this problem for me was so professional, hardworking, friendly and has great knowledge of his job and how to handle such a problem. He went above and beyond for me and the raccoon is gone!

My life is finally back to normal! Thank you Tyler, thank you Ashley!!!!!
Chris H.
Two neighbors attics were occupied by raccoon families and it took several days to evict them. Worried that they may move to my home I hired Critter Control to secure my roof entrances to prevent any access for the raccoons. My house was accessed the day after my initial phone call and the job was completed the following day. Critter Control was extremely professional in all steps needed for the completion of the job. I am relieved that my home is secure from any pests attempting to make it their home!
Nancy J.
We had a very positive experience with Critter Control in Aurora CO. They helped us evict a very determined raccoon from our attic.

All of their personnel were very polite and helpful, especially the guy who did the work at our house. They were careful to outline the costs and everything that needed to be done before we made any commitment, and they held to that. They also performed the work exactly as scheduled.

We were very impressed with them and would recommend them to anyone.
Patricia W.
We were using a company for 2plus years that kept charging us and never getting down to the root of the problem . The son took over the fathers business and he came out and told us we should be happy he skipped his lunch for us. We kicked him out and started calling around.

Critter Control was a referral from a much smaller company. Travis showed up the same day I called and I’m sure he couldn’t believe all the problems we had had in the past. But he went through one step at a time and started making his expert recommendations.

We had problems with groundhogs than the raccoons kicked them out of the holes to have babies . While the momma racoon was nursing she got aggressive and attacked my fiancé coming out of our patio door .

Travis was able to resolve ALL the problems get them fixed and put up fencing up to prevent future problems . Our backyard looked like an episode of caddy shack it was getting dangerous and out of control. Travis helped resolve one problem at a time . We feel very confident that we can feel safe in our yard for now on .

I highly recommend Critter Control . No one should have had to go through 2 years like we did with this other company. Critter Control had a big project here but got us done in a timely manner . We couldn’t be happier . Ask for Travis yes your guy !!!!!!!
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